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Pethold provides help while you

tend to your animal. By keeping                    your pet suspended, you can accomplish multiple tasks while

lowering risk of biting:

-Cut Nails
-Give/Apply Medecine
-Brush Teeth
-Clean Ears
-Give a Bath

The hammock, which is made of fleece material, is locked in the structure holes  while keeping the pet comfortable. It also stretches to fit the shape and width of their legs and reduce pressure on joints.

For each stand order , 2$ will be donated to the SPCA of Lanaudière!

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary grooming experience with PETHOLD, your essential ally for caring for your precious four-legged companions. Grooming can sometimes be a real headache, especially when you have specific breeds like the French Bulldog, Dachshund (Dachshund/Sausage Dog), or Australian Shepherd. But with PETHOLD, no more stress or hassle! Our one-of-a-kind hands-free stand provides unparalleled stability, enabling premium care for a variety of pets (20 pounds and less), from hypoallergenic dogs to hairless cats. Imagine being able to brush the teeth of your Sphynx cat, Maine Coon cat, Siberian cat, or Bengal cat! without him struggling, or cut your Dachshund's nails without risk of biting - it is now possible with PETHOLD.

Designed for individuals concerned about the well-being of their animals, but also for pet professionals and veterinarians, PETHOLD adapts to all needs. Whether you are a professional groomer looking for quality tools or an owner looking to simplify their grooming routine, PETHOLD has you covered. Our sturdy, easy-to-assemble stand is suitable for a multitude of uses, from everyday grooming to preparing for a dog show.

But PETHOLD doesn't just make grooming simple - it also promotes your pet's health and well-being. Thanks to its ergonomic design, PETHOLD helps maintain a healthy habbit for your four-legged friend, which is essential for their long-term health. Additionally, our support provides a safe and secure environment to carry out regular care, such as ear cleaning, claw clipping, application of dewormers, helping to prevent infections and health problems.

As a caring owner, you care about your pet's comfort and happiness. This is why we designed PETHOLD with high quality materials, offering optimal support with a hammock made of fleece, while ensuring the comfort of your companion. Whether you have a Maine Coon Cat or a small French Bulldog, our stand conforms perfectly to their body shape, providing a pleasant, stress-free grooming experience with every use.

Join the grooming revolution with PETHOLD and transform each grooming session into a moment of complicity and happiness with your pet. Simplify your routine, promote the health and well-being of your companion, and fully enjoy every moment spent together thanks to PETHOLD.

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