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At the Montreal SPCA, while majestic cats such as Maine Coons and Abyssinians reign supreme in the city's animal shelters, they are using the PETHOLD to save another pair of arms from an other employee so they can save money in order to save more lives.

In this melting pot of breeds and personalities, we can come across the proud gaze of a German Shepherd, the luxuriant coat of a Golden Retriever, or even the mischievous attitude of a Shih Tzu. French Bulldogs lounge in the sun with their nonchalant demeanor, while energetic Huskies attract attention with their graceful appearance.

It's also a real spectacle of dogs of all kinds: from the majestic Saint Bernard to the fiery Jack Russell Terrier, including the elegant Border Collie and the loyal Labrador Retriever, Cockapoos and Cavapoos, the little Yorkshire Terriers,

 Bull Terriers, Bullmastiffs, Bichon Frises and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are waiting their turn to be adopted.

In this colorful world where every dog and cat has a story to tell, the Society for the Protection of Animals is the beacon that guides these faithful companions towards a better future. And PETHOLD is there to help them through their next voyage.

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