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What are the PETHOLD security standards?

The PETHOLD is constructed entirely from FDA approved materials to ensure the safety of animals and their owners.

Our product has also been rigorously tested during development by veterinarians and groomers to ensure quality.

Are there different sizes of PETHOLD?

No, the beauty of PETHOLD is that it can fit all cats, dogs and rabbits weighing 11 kg or less (22 lbs.).


The height is adjustable and the hammock is a one size fit all. Its stretchable fleece adapts itself to all shapes!

Why should I get the PETHOLD?

PETHOLD aims to help pet owners to save time and money. By avoiding visits to the groomer or veterinarian to provide basic care.

Thus, you will no longer have to worry about appointments and the costs associated with these services. You can do it yourself at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home.

But in addition, its aesthetic and practical design allows it to be used daily as an occasional piece of furniture. All this therefore guarantees you a good return on your investment!

Is the PETHOLD difficult to assemble?

Not at all! The PETHOLD is very easy to assemble and does not require any tools. Just follow the illustrated instructions, they are included in the box.

For help, see our TIPS & TRICKS page. A video shows you step by step how to perform the assembly, without problems!

Is this the final design? Are you planning any new products?

Yes! The PETHOLD is only in its first phase, our team is currently working on developing other accessories to expand and improve the range of uses that the PETHOLD can have in your daily life.

Visit our website regularly to keep up to date with our new arrivals!

Is PETHOLD durable, what's the policy if I'm not satisfied?

The PETHOLD is made with top quality materials. Its structure is entirely made of aluminum, so there is no risk of rusting. The hammock is washable and hypoallergenic and the rubber parts are FDA approved.

We recommend regular washing to extend the life of the product.

Finally, we include a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This provides for a replacement unit in case of breakage for regular use, excluding shipping costs.

If I order the PETHOLD online, what is the delivery time?

PETHOLD makes its deliveries via Canada Post services for Canadian residents. Our delivery is therefore subject to their conditions and deadlines.

If you live outside of Canada, please contact us before placing your order so that we can give you an exact estimate of the waiting time to receive your package.

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