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See below for feedback from our customers with their pets comfortably installed in the PETHOLD.


In the busy world of dog grooming, where each ball of fur has its own character and needs, it is essential to have the right tools to provide the best care. Imagine yourself in a specialty store, with its rows of products labeled with evocative names like “Critter Ridder” and “Shop Hunter,” each promising a unique solution for caring for our faithful four-legged companions.

In this world of brushes and scissors, the ritual of grooming comes to life. A grooming table sits in the center of the room, ready to accommodate dogs, cats and rabbit of all sizes. On the shelves, there is an array of accessories, from nail clippers to dryers, including Oster clippers and Wahl scissors, ready to beused with the PETHOLD.

Customers, as varied as their pets, parade through this temple of grooming, searching for the perfect product to soothe skin irritations or remove stubborn tangles. Some opt for "Critter Ridder Spray", while others prefer biodegradable shampoo. No matter their choices, they all share a single goal: to provide their furry friends with the best treatment possible, and a hand free grooming table, PETHOLD, is there just for that.

Meanwhile, the groomers are busy, armed with their specialized tools. An “Undercoat Rake” here, a pair of “Andis Trimmers” there, each gesture is precise and meticulous. Dryers whir, removing moisture from freshly washed coats, while nails are carefully clipped using "Nail Clippers for Dogs", while there are being hang softly by the hammocks made of fleece.

As the sun sets on this busy day, the promise of a new grooming day already awaits with the help of the PETHOLD, filled with adventures and tail waggs.

Join the grooming revolution with PETHOLD !

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