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In the world of pet grooming, equipment is crucial to ensure efficient and comfortable work. On Amazon, you can find everything from poles to securely fasten your grooming table to straps to secure your pet during the process. But the best grooming table is undoubtedly the hands-free PETHOLD animal holder with its soft, flexible hammock and three levels of height flexibility. This salon table is practical for an apartment or condo, striking the right balance between workspace and portability.

While hydraulic tables are highly favored for their ease of use, the PETHOLD is much more convenient and adjustable. If you're looking for economical options, purchasing the PETHOLD can save you dollars annually by doing your grooming yourself.

For those looking to invest in professional equipment, professional hydraulic tables offer the ultimate in terms of quality and features. The PETHOLD is not available at Mondou, but you can find it on Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, and eBay.

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